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12 July 2008 @ 08:47 pm
EDIT: WTF what happened to the linking system thingy? you can't see the full sized pictures! AHH! i dunno. o_o i dunno what i'm talking about.

i'm still a kipas-susah-mati (die-hard-fan) of M. o_o so. yeah. err. that's my opening line.

so, i guess i'm back? probably not for long again. just wanted to say hi and confirm that i'm not dead, and i'm still doing fanart. XD it's just that i shifted over to Bleach, and Death Note and THEN there was School, not to mention the Lack Of Intrawebs plaguing this side of the neighbourhood for about i dunno how many weeks (which, frankly, sucksass) so there you have it! :D

I love you guys. xD;

um. yeah, about the fanart. i only have about three to show you. o_o

so, i guess that's it? o_O -throws love- and, once again, happy belated birthday Tygs D:

(actually, i have a shitload of work to do it's amazing i have time to actually post on LJ oO)

time to post on aizenichi o_o
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20 June 2008 @ 05:36 pm
Well, here I am! XD Just wanted to say hi.

Yes, I've been very busy.

But I love you guys all the same. I do keep track. 8D
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12 February 2008 @ 05:35 pm
I seriously doubt that anybody anonymous (and possibly important) is reading my journal. So the icon's actually irrelevant; it's not a f-locked post. But I want to have something so intensely scandalous that I will be forced  to f-lock my posts. The mystery of it all. Maybe I'll do it one day. Maybe; in the near future.

(Or we can just summarize it into the statement of a fact that I was bored with my default icon.)

Not much has been happening. I just have a giant to-do list.

1. Do school's drama script. Deadline: I'm pretty sure I saw it flying past me a long while ago....
2. Do English oral script.
3. Catch up on your work. Be on par with friends. Copy.
    Add. Maths
    Mod Maths
    B. Malaysia
    P. I.
3. Renewal of the Prefects' T-Shirt design, for some teachers are simply too anal to accept the first design, concluding that something else must be added. Prefect Suffers From Migraine As Teachers Fail To Inform About Extension Of Deadline.
4. Revise the situation above. Prepare for body parts strewn over the school.
5. Manipulate more people.
6. Prepare Civics speech. In English.
7. Prepare for Sports Day.
8. Check daily for Aizen/Gin fanfics update - Touched and First Contact; also Mayuri/Kisuke - Imperfect. Cue squeeing.

I'm sure that's all for now.
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