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ha ha ha!

EDIT: WTF what happened to the linking system thingy? you can't see the full sized pictures! AHH! i dunno. o_o i dunno what i'm talking about.

i'm still a kipas-susah-mati (die-hard-fan) of M. o_o so. yeah. err. that's my opening line.

so, i guess i'm back? probably not for long again. just wanted to say hi and confirm that i'm not dead, and i'm still doing fanart. XD it's just that i shifted over to Bleach, and Death Note and THEN there was School, not to mention the Lack Of Intrawebs plaguing this side of the neighbourhood for about i dunno how many weeks (which, frankly, sucksass) so there you have it! :D

I love you guys. xD;

um. yeah, about the fanart. i only have about three to show you. o_o

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so, i guess that's it? o_O -throws love- and, once again, happy belated birthday Tygs D:

(actually, i have a shitload of work to do it's amazing i have time to actually post on LJ oO)

time to post on aizenichi o_o
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Well, here I am! XD Just wanted to say hi.

Yes, I've been very busy.

But I love you guys all the same. I do keep track. 8D
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Lol, key icon >_>

I seriously doubt that anybody anonymous (and possibly important) is reading my journal. So the icon's actually irrelevant; it's not a f-locked post. But I want to have something so intensely scandalous that I will be forced  to f-lock my posts. The mystery of it all. Maybe I'll do it one day. Maybe; in the near future.

(Or we can just summarize it into the statement of a fact that I was bored with my default icon.)

Not much has been happening. I just have a giant to-do list.

1. Do school's drama script. Deadline: I'm pretty sure I saw it flying past me a long while ago....
2. Do English oral script.
3. Catch up on your work. Be on par with friends. Copy.
    Add. Maths
    Mod Maths
    B. Malaysia
    P. I.
3. Renewal of the Prefects' T-Shirt design, for some teachers are simply too anal to accept the first design, concluding that something else must be added. Prefect Suffers From Migraine As Teachers Fail To Inform About Extension Of Deadline.
4. Revise the situation above. Prepare for body parts strewn over the school.
5. Manipulate more people.
6. Prepare Civics speech. In English.
7. Prepare for Sports Day.
8. Check daily for Aizen/Gin fanfics update - Touched and First Contact; also Mayuri/Kisuke - Imperfect. Cue squeeing.

I'm sure that's all for now.
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Well, not too much sex, really. I wish lol. XD I went DDR-ing with my friends while waiting for our movie marathon to start, and during the intervals.

I just sweat myself out, man. D: It was my first time DDR-ing, and I didn't do too bad? STANDARD MODE IS PURE WTF. Srsly. If that's standard... I'm telling you, the shit can just go to hell and burn. D: I don't even want to imagine what's HEAVY mode. O______O OR EVEN NONSTOP. DUDE. THOSE GUYS MUST HAVE NO LIFE. (REFERRING TO DDR PROS, BUT NO OFFENSE RLY.)

But I like We Will Rock You xD It's so much fun :D

People didn't believe me when I said it was my first time going Dance Dance Revolution.... xD


(I still have colourful arrows against this weird screen, going upwards, just like.... DDR.... o_o I think I played too much....)


I'm quite happy with the kiss scene, really. :/ Usually they come out WAY crappier than that. xD
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somethin bout me

a. list seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
b. tag seven people to do the same
c. do not tag the person who tagged you (No tag backs) or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

=.= i don't wanna tag, cause i didn't get tagged, but i'll list my seven quirks anyway. :D

1. When I'm talking on my cellphone, I have the habit to unconsciously start walking around. D: It's kinda scary when I don't realize it and I end up like on the other side of the building when I finish.

2. Every month, I make a call to any friends of mine for about 40 minutes or so. D: Once.

3. I just can't... Plan. It's tedious. It's boring. I can't. D: It's not a matter of liking spontaneity (although I do prefer it), it takes too long when I do it. I plan complicated. I can't go simple. Sucks. So I usually go 'wtf ah screw it' in everything I do.

4. Uhm. This might be a bit freaky, but I eat uncooked rice sometimes. And I like it a lot. -shot- Not like a whole bowl, mind, just a small portion of my hand or something. Yep.

5. If I'm inside a sushi restaurant with my friends, with the conveyor belts and everything, we have to stock up at least 20 plates of food altogether. We eat a lot. Anything lower is when we don't have enough money xD;

6. There's this shopping mall called the Curve, and that's where I make a trip to Borders to buy my Yaoi books. I've spent about 600 ringgit so far on them. :/ Wtf.

7. I like the word 'waist'... o.o

What the fuck? I can't sign up for facebook, man. =__=
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trev. trevtrevtrev.

I actually had this in my sketchbook for a while before Trev's story was done. He's sitting somewhere after adventuring? Who knows rly.

My coloring style died over the holidays but i like how his face turned out. i mean. how i colored it. (and i can't draw unattractive men. if he's unattractive to you, i score loads.) at least his color coordination fashion wise isn't horrible. (yay.)
tablet, please be coming to save me soon.

love you, trebbur. <333


and those combat butlurs i told you guys about. :/


-hugs trebbur-. :3 New Fav character, but still loses hands down to Beckky-(inserthonorifichere).

Too lazy to do LJ cut. :c I sorry.
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A verra good day. Sort of. :(
I got to skip classes todaeee! :3333
Well, that's not good, is it?

But, in other news. xD Went to buy new sport shoes. They so cute. :33 Adidas though, cause I don't completely trust Nike anymore, especially after I saw the effects of the rubber 'decomposing'. O____O So fuckin' scary. I'll send pictures later. (Granted, I never took care of them but... O__o)

But the sales boy dude back at the store was cute. :3 He's tall and and and his eyes SHINE. :3 With humor or some such literary crap. But he was cute. XD

No pictures today, just a bit of fun and crap. :|
Ilu guys :D

I shall send pictures suun. :3
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went to fictionpress.com to sit back and catch up on some fics i haven't been reading for a while.

i haven't looked at Stupid Post It Notes yet, but i doubt it's been updated anyway. oh well. and i needed a change from the usual long fics i've been reading, or at least a change in the genre. humor seemed to fit me anyway.

am currently at page 169 out of 233, in the humor genre of the romance category. go me. (no, i didn't go from page one straight to page 169 just today. it's a few days worth of browsing, but not really all out. maybe a few hours but nothing major.)

alternating between finding slash fics or het that caught my interest. either way, it keeps me off counter strike for a while.

contemplating what to do next. probably finish up on my homework then draw some sappy love scenes. porn mebbe. can't decide. finish up on prefect shirt layout for sure.

one thing about the stories in fictinpress. i constantly stumble upon stories which have one girl entering a boy's boarding school, and ohh, she dressed up as a boy and whatnot whatnot. why. whywhywhy. all questions must be answered by the time i get off this strange state of sleepy and boredom mixed together.
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Okay, maybe I'm a tad bit obsessed over knights... And also still over Quest. XD

This is purely unintentional. Really. It was supposed to be Brice and Kodey having a good time eating apples, then apples led to somewhere else then this happened. o.o;

But they're sho cute togethr-gethr. :333

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I also have combat butlers, though. :/ Dunno, maybe I watched a little too much of Hayate the Combat Butler. D:< EPISODE 40, PLEASE BE OUT SOON WITH SUBTITLES. (If anybody knows if it's on or not, please tell me lol.) But this image is incomplete. xD You can see his circly joints, and the arms are missin. :(

shitty connection's pissing me off :D I can't upload anything properly. the things my dad does to explore (albeit strange) knowledge. like the joys of bittorrent and movie downloading. :D so i can't show you guys the picture yet, sorry. =____=;
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So I just finished editing my journal layout thing, it's pretty okay; but I wished I had the Cerulean layout instead. (But I didn't want to mess up the layout OR give up my 15 userpics by switching to a basic account, so this'll do.) xD Check out refuted, it's nice.

Aquamarine, you ask? Yes, one of my favorite colors. :3

I have a headache right now, I think it's from the extraction yesterday D: But it should go away. I mean, the bonding is next Friday, so I can't wait! :D

The connection's kinda slow right now, maybe it has something to do with my dad downloading :O WAH.